Phone Skills Training

Poor phone skills are a major cause of lost revenue for home service businesses, but most managers don't have the time or tools to take action.

Coaching staff a few times a month on phone-handling is a good start, but doesn't consistently address deep-lying phone skill issues. Service Hook's Phone Skills Training helps your team become confident phone experts. We break a call into 10 different phone skills categories and look for signs of proper execution.

Our reviewers listen to determine if your CSRs executing skills like repeating back the customer's name or setting customer expectations about the service appointment.

Value of Phone Skills Training

  • Review an individual CSR's phone performance by choosing his or her name from the drop down menu.
  • Service Hook takes immediate action to address the individual training needs of the CSR.

Home service businesses are recognizing that booking more appointments necessitates being great on the phone. Phone Skills Training takes the burden off of your shoulders and helps staff members start Owning the Phone.