Inbound Call Tracking

Service Hook will shed light on which ads and marketing efforts deliver the most calls that actually result in new appointments. We listen to each one of these calls to identify the best leads.

Call tracking helps business owners and managers make smarter decisions with their marketing dollars. It also shows them how well their staff handles phone calls.

Stop spending money on this one!

Inbound call tracking allows you to use concrete data like how many appointments are resulting from a specific ad source and measure "true" advertising ROI.

Value of Inbound Call Tracking

  • Assign local and or toll free numbers to each campaign.
  • Review real-time summaries and detailed reporting from every call.
  • Listen to recordings and understand what's actually happening on your phones.
  • Receive missed call alerts that ensure you don't miss any leads.
  • Utilize Service Hook's call routing and scheduling to connect callers to the right person, at the right time.