Call Center Solutions

Lead Tag is an in-house call center, developed after years of call tracking and marketing analytics experience. Our call center solution utilizes VoIP solutions technology and focuses on lead generation, call overflow, appointment confirmation, phone training and more. Lead Tag improves the booking rates of numerous companies in multiple industries.

Call Center Solution Features

Customized Solutions for Any Size Business

Our call center services are scalable. We work with any business, regardless of call volume.

Performance Metrics Reports

We provide reports that highlight the right performance metrics for you and your business. Our call center metrics give you insight from every possible angle.

Call Management

Lead Tag offers call recording, monitoring, and review, as well as hosted IVR. Our team helps clients fully understand what's happening with each and every phone lead.

Outbound & Inbound Calls

Our call center solution places outbound calls on behalf of your business. We collaborate with your business to craft the perfect script for these calls.

Phone Skills Training

In addition to 3rd party remote call monitoring and recording, our team provides critical phone training. Lead Tag agents identify who needs phone staff training at your business, and delivers that training based on specific, individual needs.

We ensure that all of our call center agents will meet your needs. We track their activity through comprehensive performance reports and make your objectives our priority.

Reach out to us and we can identify the perfect call center solution for your business.