Service Hook rebrands as Call Box

Discover the ads that are generating your best leads.

Which ads and marketing efforts deliver calls that actually become new appointments? Service Hook reveals this information by placing a unique phone number in each of your listings. Our team listens to every call coming into your business, and uses call tracking analytics to identify the best leads. Learn More About Inbound Call Tracking

Stop spending money on this one!
Service Hook will reach out to Cam and help him understand why it's important to offer two specific appointment times.

Convert every caller into a booked appointment.

Service Hook evaluates how every call is handled. We automatically reach out to struggling staff members with coaching tips so every call can become a booked appointment. If you need a hand, our team of trained professionals can even handle calls on behalf of your business. Learn More About Phone Skills Training

If you're not able to call back this prospect, then we'll do the work for you.

Pursue every opportunity.

When Service Hook identifies an appointment opportunity that didn't get booked, we'll tee it up for you and your staff and then track the follow-up effort. If you don't have time to pursue these opportunities, then our team will reach out to the customer on your behalf and book new appointments that would have otherwise been missed. Learn More About Call Center Solutions

If you're not able to call back this prospect, then we'll do the work for you.

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